A healthy instinct

Inside every dog and cat is a native desire to run, roam, adventure and be outdoors. It’s these instincts that led us on our Elevate™ journey, crafting premium pet food that provides essential nutrition and energy to help dogs and cats live life at their peak. Choose from our dry kibble or wet canned recipes in a variety of savory, real-meat recipes like pork, salmon, chicken, and lamb.

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Complete & balanced for all life stages
Real meat is the first ingredient

A nutrition adventure

Harnessing the power of protein, we made meat the #1 ingredient, removed fillers and loaded up on health food heavies like fruits, veggies, and superfoods. Then, we forged even further into nutritious terrain, stripping out soy, corn, wheat, potatoes, and sweet potatoes to deliver a premium product that’s more than just good — it’s Elevated™.

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Processed with purified mountain water
Crafted in the USA
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